Introduction to Solid Edge

DocWalt Introduction to Solid Edge

Introduction to Solid Edge

Using dozens of practical examples, I quickly introduce the novice Solid Edge 7 or 8 user to the techniques required to create part models and associated draft documents. Extensive screen captures of the toolbars and associated screen shots simplify the learning experience. The user is introduced to the logic behind creation of a parametric design to maximize the learning experience.

Perfect Bound, 8 ½ by 10 ¾ format, 432 pages. $69.9

For users of CADKEY 19, Doctor Walt's CADKEY19 Highlights is an ideal additional text.

For in-depth three-dimensional solid modeling coverage, Doctor Walt's CADKEY on Steroids is recommended.

For version 10-14 users Solid Edge Basics . Solid Edge Assemblies . Solid Edge Surfaces

Solid Edge Ver 19 . Solid Edge Ver 20

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